Tricks Recently Treat Children Vegetables Eat

Tricks Recently Treat Children Vegetables Eat

Compared to adults, children are more picky when it comes to eating. They tend to like savory foods with lots of flavor. In fact, from there the impact on health can arise. Therefore, parents must familiarize themselves with a healthy lifestyle by providing nutritious intake. So that your child hungrily eat, here are five contemporary tricks to process vegetables.

Vegetables as an Additional Material for Making Noodles

Fast food like noodles is more likely to be liked by children because it does not have a pleasant smell like vegetables. If it’s like that, the task of parents feels heavier so that your child does not consume what has become a favorite.

With a little modification, vegetables can also be added to the noodles to increase the nutritional value and arouse children’s appetite thanks to their attractive appearance. However, the most important thing here is minimizing the use of chemicals.

Aside from being a meal at home, this menu is also suitable as a provision for children to go to school because it is commonly found in canteens. That way, children will avoid the effects of indiscriminate snacks in the canteen which is very vulnerable to health. Source:

Vegetables as an Additional Ingredients Sate Kebab

In their infancy, children need more protein for their physical development to go well. However, it should be emphasized that the provision of four healthy five perfect menus must also be considered.

While providing protein intake for children through kebab satay, also paste vegetables such as onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers in the stitch. Baked together with meat and washed with sauce, the aroma of plant foods will be obscured.

Vegetables as Processed Egg Fillings

This one protein source is suitable combined with vegetables because it can reduce unpleasant odor. With a little addition of butter or cheese during the cooking process, the overall taste of a food will tend to be savory.

The first menu option that can be made is an egg omelette. The addition of tomatoes and spinach is the right combination to create balanced nutrition. In addition, extra ingredients in the form of milk will have a significant influence on the taste of cuisine.

The current trick to process vegetables is in the form of a menu called egg filled with vegetables. How to make this processed can be simple. First of all, prepare boiled eggs. Cut it in half, then the yellow part is crushed with vegetables such as carrots and broccoli which have been seasoned first. Finally, put the mixture back in the egg’s cleavage. As a finishing touch, decorate using mayonnaise and tomato or chili sauce.

Vegetables as Cream Soup

Vegetables that are processed into soup as usual may still be less liked by children. To get around this, make a creamy soup by smoothing one of the vegetables, such as carrots, broccoli, and pumpkin.

Today’s tricks on processing vegetables this one will reduce the smell because it is mixed into one with savory spices. In addition, the soft texture is very friendly with your baby’s teeth. They will also tend to spend more portions thanks to the ease of eating without facing any difficulty at all.

Vegetables as a Mix of Fruit Smoothies

The fruit has a more friendly aroma and taste on the little one’s tongue, so many children’s products such as toothpaste make it a variant. So, why not just mix it with vegetables?

Mixing fruits and vegetables can be realized through the smoothies menu. Lots of recipes available or based on their own creations. However, the following recipe is worth a try.

Mix a handful of spinach, apples and lemons. Or, you can also combine kale, mango, ginger and lemon. Basically, the combination must mix fruits that have a stronger aroma than vegetables.

If a theory is made briefly, the present trick of processing vegetables is very easy to do, and most importantly able to hide the unpleasant aroma of vegetables without excessive use of food seasoning. Source :