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Tips For Building a Minimalist Bathroom Interior

Here are the minimalist bathroom design tips and ideas from the Tabithaevansdesign.com website that you can apply so that your desire to have an elegant and simple bathroom design can be a reality!

Tips For Building a Minimalist Bathroom Interior Decor Ideas

1. Attach a transparent Shower partition

Instead of the curtain, attach the transparent glass as a separator in the bathroom. Curtains, besides being wet and dirty, are also difficult to give your bathroom beauty. Different from transparent glass that is easy to clean and can give a spacious and airy impression to your bathroom.

2. Mirror, Mirror on The Wall

Installing a small glass above the bathroom sink is commonplace to do. Break this habit by attaching a large glass to one part of your bathroom wall. Installing a large-sized glass that dominates the room will give a spacious impression on your minimalist little bathroom.

3. Shower > Bath Tub

To create a small minimalist bathroom that is comfortable and simple, certainly using a shower is a better choice. In addition to the simple installation process and not too consuming space, bathing with a shower will be more time-saving compared to bathing with bathtub. However, if you prefer a bathtub, install it! Place strategically and install a bath up that size is not too large.

4. Proper laxation = primary key

Having a bathroom with proper lighting is the main key to a minimalist bathroom. Don’t choose a lamp that emits a yellow glow as it will disperse the minimalist impression you want to highlight. Don’t forget about natural lighting by installing a window on your bathroom.

5. Minimalist shelves for minimalistic bathrooms

Staying with other family members makes you unwilling to share the bathroom. Each family member must have different toiletries and accessories. Place a simple shelf of waterproof material and hold the moisture like glass to arrange the toiletries of the whole family.

Now you know the tips and inspirations of minimalist bathroom design that in addition to giving a graceful impression, also give your own comfort to your home! Let’s apply to your home now!

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