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Jersey Mike’s Nutrition Data for People on Diet

You cannot deny that on the last few years Jersey Mike’s has been very famous. This restaurant has attracted a lot of attention, especially from those who are on a diet. That is why Jersey Mike’s nutrition data is becoming one question that rises. Most of them are willing to know if the meals in Jersey Mike’s are good enough for their diet or not. For those who have the same problem, you need to check on these meals first.

Commonly ordered meals in Jersey Mike’s

The first one is Chicken Parm. This is one of the most favorites of many people. The main reason is because of the taste. Yet, that is not the only thing attractive about this sandwich. You can get the cook to roast the chicken rather than to bread it, which is the best part. It is because based on Jersey Mike’s nutrition you can get less calorie from the roasted chicken.

The second one is the Steak Philly. This one is the lowest in calorie from all other meals on the menu. However, Jersey Mike’s nutrition data said that this sandwich has more fats compared with the Chicken Parm. So, if you want to beef up your body a bit, this sandwich can be a nice option to try.

The last one is Turkey and Provolone. You can find this sandwich in Cold Sub only. Yet, this is the most wanted item on the menu. The main reason is because of the free-fat turkey of this sandwich. With high-quality turkey and juicy breast, it is not a secret that many people love to order this sandwich. For your final consideration, Jersey Mike’s nutrition data stated that this sandwich only has about 35 calories. Isn’t that something amazing?

So, if you think that Jersey Mike’s is not the place for people with diet, you need to think about that once again. There are some nice sandwiches to try.